Custom Framing

Custom Picture / Poster Printing

At the Print Center, we do custom picture framing. Before framing your images, we print them on photo paper, satin stock, canvas, poster paper (matte, glossy, semi-gloss, luster) or vinyl banner. Whether you have high resolution photos from your wedding, birthday, graduation or any ceremony, or small pictures from your smart phone, we can print and showcase your images. We can also print directly onto canvas using our high end plotters and large format printers. If your files are sharp and have high resolution, we will be able to produce high quality images when printing on your desired paper or card stock. Canvas is typically used for art drawings, wedding photos or any special image you would like to showcase.

Picture Faming

We can create custom picture framing to accommodate your photo prints here at our print store. Select from an assortment of simple elegant matte lacquer frames in dark or medium brown in 1.5” or 1.25” as well as white. 

We use professional tools to custom trim and put the frame together seamlessly. The outcome is an elegant and polished picture frame that will Capture your timeless images.

Additionally, we can stretch the canvas prints onto wooden frames to portray an elegant work of art. You can easily hang these on your walls and enjoy the simplicity and elegance of the wrapped around canvas prints. To preserve your canvas prints, we can add a clear coating in matte or glossy finish. This extra layer of varnish will protect your images from fading away due to the sunlight or aging. Canvas printing on wrapped self portraits make for a great gift for your loved ones or family treasures that make for timeless gifts. The frames can range from 0.5” wide to 4 or even 5 inches depending on the image size.

All Done In-House

We can do all this: Printing on canvas, making a custom frame and stretching canvas prints on frame, in-house at the Print Center. This allows us to save much time and cost and turn around your canvas prints in just a few days and sometimes in a day. Please call all us. We are here to help.