Embossed business cards, letterheads and invitation forms are elegant and impressive. At our store, we can blind emboss your stationery as well. Blind embossing is referred to embossing the paper only. In addition, we can print emboss (also called registered emboss) and add a dash of color to the embossed area. Foil embossing is another way of leaving a good impression on your clients. This process which involves both techniques of foiling and embossing, will further enhance the look and feel of your printed material. Since we print, foil and emboss all in-house, we can supervise all the different intricate processes of foil stamping or embossing to ensure a perfect card, invitation, letterhead or any printed item you have in mind.

Although we can create only a few samples with foil or embossing, there are minimum quantity requirements to make the process cost effective.

At the Print Center we offer:

  • Blind Embossing / Debossing
  • Ink Embossing
  • Registered Embossing
  • Foil Stamping Logo
  • Foil Stamping and Embossing
  • Die Cutting

We can create your next custom printed products with elegant, outstanding foil stamped, embossed and die cut logos. Don’t hesitate to call us for a quick estimate.